Blackford Hill

March 6, 2018

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Chips and I were heading out this morning when Mr Thom, my neighbour, stopped me to express his empathy for Robert Lithgow’s predicament in Knitting Haggis. Seemingly he, too, has been chasing a package that hasn’t arrived. After scouring his recycling bin and under his wife’s bush he’s declared his parcel as Missing In Action. We kept walking.

    We retraced Mr Lithgow’s steps as he struggled with the dilemma of the missing black box. Despite my familiarity with the great Scottish outdoors I, too, found my footwear somewhat inappropriate. I wasn’t entirely immune to the sniggers of passing teenagers as I skidded on the mud like a Celebrity on Ice. Persevering, we summited Blackford Hill in the sun and were rewarded with spectacular views of Edinburgh. As Chips investigated a rabbit hole I snapped away at the city below. Even at this time of the year there is plenty of greenery to mark out the neighbourhoods.

I picked out a bench by the yellow gorse where I imagined Mr Lithgow sat in turmoil. Talking of trouble, I polished off my baguette, already regretting going double on the red-hot chilli chicken. Let’s hope I can cool off in Espionage…




Knitting Haggis by Lisa Stewart



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I'm Lisa and I'm blogging about Edinburgh, having fun with writing and amusing ideas.


February 7, 2018

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