Walking improves creative thinking!

Every Sunday my friends and I try to go hillwalking - mostly in the Pentlands, overlooking Edinburgh. Over the years we've had many experiences and all weathers!

My weekly #Pentlands hike Set off on Turnhouse, Carnethy, Scald Law, Keep on climbing another two more, East Kip, West Kip – the fifth and final Peak Fantastic buzz keeps you going all week Over the heather and down into Carlops Out of puff having reached the tops Directing the tourists, Sunday hikers Jump out the way of mountain bikers! Walkers from Flotterstone, Threip and Harlaw Everyone admires the views that are braw Bird-watching, gunners, shooting and fishing Throw a penny in the well for wishing A man, in the fog, can’t find his wife The hill-runners, gasping, racing for life We found wee Mungo - a dog strayed from home There are always some people hiking alone A worried ram, horns stuck in a gate Impatient teenagers having to wait Deer, dogs, cows, rabbits and sheep Enough slippy scree to make you weep Some march along with poles and ice grippers Others with toddlers and crying nippers Scouts, Guides and exploring bairns Leaping for joy at the top of cairns Fancy prams and trendy pushchairs Propelling folk in folding wheelchairs Scooters, skateboards, rollers, tricycle I can’t believe it - even a unicycle! Relaxing on blankets sharing out picnics Taking a breather, throwing in sticks Families, visitors and friends all ask Surely there must be an easier task? Splash over water, wade through the bogs Sliding and falling off paths made of logs All on one day - sun, snow, wind and rain Next week we know we’ll do it all again!

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I'm Lisa and I'm blogging about Edinburgh, having fun with writing and amusing ideas.

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