What's On Your Bucket List?

September 20, 2017

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Knitting Haggis is Peggy Drumm’s story of scooping the lottery jackpot. Since her idea of splashing out is to go for the supermarket’s luxury range of sausages, she is advised to create a bucket list. Here are some of the things on my bucket list:

Fringe Binge!

Every August Edinburgh becomes a frenzy of madness as the Fringe hosts over 50,000 performances. The comedy is fantastic and I keep saying I’ll spend a week or two playing hard and farce.

Nordic Tour
I’m not sure why the darkness of Scandinavia combined with crime is so unhealthily fascinating but I’m working my way from Norway to Iceland via Fossum, Indridason and Sigurdardottir.




Eurovision Song Contest
My fixation with crime is balanced by the flipside of Scandinavia – home of Eurovision. I’m proud to declare I’ve waved the flag for the UK on several occasions but would revel in a week of Euro-nonsense.

High School Delusion
Uncovering a wobbly video of our ‘Big Al’ school production brought back a tsunami of memories. I wonder how much of Woodmill High School I’d recognise now?

Go large with the ukulele
Learning the ukulele (thanks to Chris Day) was part of my original bucket list. Even strumming along with the class is great fun but to play in an orchestra…!


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I'm Lisa and I'm blogging about Edinburgh, having fun with writing and amusing ideas.


February 7, 2018

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